We all have friends with whom we enjoy life , talking problems , do all the things. Sometimes we get separated by choosing different field. But still we connected. We now met when we get free time from life’s journey.
There is second case , we all want to be successful in our life. We all want to achieve our dream, buy house and many more. We all work hard so that our life get sorted . But become successful with friends is the best . In this you and all your friends become successful in life. Some achieve their goals and also some helping other friends to achieve their goal. This things in life is best where everyone grow. Everyone live their lifes fully. So that in a year , where everyone can go for some tour and enjoy life. Everyone tell their story of their life. This is the life which all have to live with respect to friends. Friendship is one of the best gift allah has given if you don’t have good friends , you don’t have good
life . You can’t enjoy moment of life . Everything will be boring to you. So always make good friends and also grow with them because growing is neccesary for everyone.