Whenever someone say about public speaking we get tensed , sweating and it also cause fear . It usually occur because we fear to speak in front of public . We think that how they will react , is that we perform good or not. This is known as glossophobia – the fear of public speaking.

Glossophobia is common among the fear. In these people don’t want to talk in front of people. You can overcome from this type of fear by regular practice and also by doing some basic things.

  1. Be fully prepared : Fear is mainly because of lack of preparation . If you prepare your speech properly then surely your performance will be good. Always check your speech , videos and presentation . So you didn’t get disturbed because of it.

2) Understand your speech : If you only try to memorize the speech then you can forget any line, lose your rhythm and then it will completely destroy all your hard work. So , always try to understand your topic first and then memorize it .

3) Avoid too much ppt : If you are using to much power point in your performance, then it might chance that audience will not take interest n your speech and easily get bored . Use only few power point as per required .

4 ) Speak frankly : Fear or anxiety in public speaking occur due to reaction of public . if you frankly talk with your audience , you didn’t feel uncomfortable . Your audience will also with you when you talk frankly.

5) Don’t be stressed : Before going to stage, you need to relax . You don’t have to overthink about your performance. Just be calm , happy and enjoy the performance. If you focus only positive things, the result will definitely positive.

6) Do Practice: Before going for the performance, you should do practice of all your speech, your body language and all your video or presentation. If any of the above thing goes wrong , you start getting distracted and your performance will be gone wrong.

7). Arrange everything: Before starting , you should arrange everything systematically. How to start , how to present videos and how will you end. You should also have some backup content , if something goes wrong.