One more human murdered by other humans. Its not the first case so why we fail everytime to control situation like this . We murderd the humanity everytime.
Just one rumour and people ran to kill him . Who’s fault was this, the sadhus or the boy named tabrez or anyone else. But its our fault ‘ the people of India ‘ firstly we take this case as hindu muslim because the one who lost his life is muslim so no one loud their voice but this time they take it as their loss because the loss is from hindu but the culprit is not from any one religion . I totally shocked how they react like this because both is wrong . How many time we sit hopelessly . Government should make hard and fast rule so that no one should behave like this. Life is precious for everyone. One rumour or wrong mindset is the only reason for mob lynching . We should have to control on rumours also . If we people not react today, tomorrow will happen again . If it’s my turn today then surely fire will burn your house too. So take bold step and loud your voice again mob lynching