In life, we all know a person who is not our friends nor he / she is a stranger but always connected in our life. Just like this , there is a girl connected in zayn life who is not a stranger to him nor a friends. But they know each other. Zain wish to make her a best frends with whom he can share everything , with whom he can go anywhere and also he can enjoy every moment of life with her. Whenever he met her, the day becomes beautiful and when she doesn’t met , the day doesn’t pass. Both are not talking for a long time and not even seen each other. But after some days , she met him at a market place where she invited him to come home with her . They talked for hours and also enjoy cup of tea. She tells that after long she met anyone and also telling everything to anyone. She is saying that after a certain time in life, everyone get alone. He said may be yes. And then talk continues. She is saying she’s doesn’t enjoying life anymore . She want someone who will understand her , with whom she can enjoy life , and also she want to sit under the moon at 2 am. Then he says that life is not smooth in each phase of life. In life, some days are brighter but some days are dark . But we don’t have to give up . And he also say that if you need anyone, then I will be there for you. We can do all the things which you want. Enjoying cup of tea or talking at 2 am , we can do this. Then he feels that what he want to make her , she herself become. The game of Allah is amazing , who knows when and how they will meet and become healing partner for each other .