How to stop underestimating yourself

We all doubt on ourselves or sometimes on other things. Having little doubt in life will help you like is that i trust him or not or something like is this job is good for me or not . But excess doubt will always destroy you. You start doubting on each and everything and a day will come when you will doubt standing on your feet . You will start underestimating yourself. Excess of anything will always hurt. So just believe that you can do . Have confidence in yourself . If you fail , then surely you must learn something new so the attempt of doing work not getting waste but if you don’t attempt in fear failure , you never get success. So whenever you underestimate yourself just say that you can do . Always believe in yourself and do work with discipline. Whenever you fear to do some work then do that work as a challenge . Because in challenge our mind and body works fast . So always have confidence and overcome from underestimating yourself.