In life , we all get failed once in a lifetime whether in school or any other place in life. We all just get depressed and keep thinking about it all the time. Whenever you fail, everything fills with negativity. You feel negativity because your mind is not prepared for it. Whenever we fail in any work, people starts demotivating that’s why we get depressed. Instead of demotivating, if we try to find reason behind failure then surely we can easily overcome from it. Failure is not bad as people think about it. It’s just mere step in the journey of success. Failure is seven letter word but it has capability to destroy our life because we give to power to do this. We allow failure to destroy our peaceful mind.

The fear of failure comes in mind when you too much attach to success. When every time you dream of success. You get shocked due to failure because you never think about it. I am here not saying that you just always think about failure but we should always have a second plan.
In life whenever you go ahead with backup plan , you have a little chance of failure. In life ups and down will always come. You don’t have to take it seriously. Just learn from it.

You should follow some good step which help you to deal with failure.

1) Accept the result: As early as you accept the result, you will understand that it has no power to demotivate you. Everyone in life failed. Failure is not bad but we have to learn from it. The one who never fail, then they will never learn.

2) Find where you lack: checking your failure will acknowledge you about yourself. This will help you where you have to focus more and which area is strong area. So on next time you can go with full focus.

3) Take a break: whenever you fail, take a little break from regular routine and travel some good places. This will help you in recovering easily and fastly. You also learn enjoying life in failure.

4) Learn from failure: Find the point which you learn from failure. Just find opportunity to learn from it and grow from it. Shift your mindset from a loser to winner and see what you gain from this failure. In every bad thing , there must be a chance of positive thing.

5) Read some good motivational books: Reading good books helps you to find how big personality cope with failure in their life. They will give you an idea how to handle the situation . You will learn that no failure or bad time will disturb you for a long time.

6) Have a good conversation with close one: As you follow this step , you will find that you are relaxing . Your stress is getting decrease because you can talk anything. You will tell the reason behind failure and now what will you do and many thing. You can tell every feeling with then which are disturbing you so that it will heal you.

7) Follow the steps of senior from field: You can easily understand how you have face the situation by knowing the steps of your senior. You will know what they did and how they did. So it will definitely helps you to deal with failure.

Failure is not bad till you take the failure as a learning process