Health is one of our asset. Without health, all the value of money and fame gets zero. Good health is the reason to become good human being and one of the major reason to get successful in life. If you are healthy, you also a happy person because happiness comes to those who is fit from inside and who is also mentally fit . In today’s time where people is struggling for money, they have to understand the importance of health also . Health should be our first priority. We see many many younger generation are suffering from different type of disease like diebities , heart patient and many more because they are not taking care of their own health. Today generation is always in hurry wheather they have to go college/ office or somewhere for timepass , they never take their meal properly. They just want fast food. Morning or evening they don’t care,they just want fast food . Another problem in today’s time is using mobile late night. Using mobile for longer hours is dangerous for body and mind . They not only using mobile but also not getting proper sleep which is one of major causes of diseases. They are playing games , watching movies or timepass . They don’t care about their health. So we should have to understand that if we not take care of our health, no one is going to do for us. We have to always give first priority to our health . So that your body become fit and your mind gets calm. Then your life will automatically become smooth.❤️