In today’s time we are not living life but we are running a race . The race of collecting peoples and things just to make ourselves happy . We are not knowing that everything in this world is temporarily . In this life if you want happiness in life, then you have stop expecting it from things and people because happiness comes from you. You have to make yourself happy. If you are expecting happy from your mobile , then you will happy just for few days or months and again you are finding next thing which gives you happiness . And if you are expecting that if you get this job then you will happy but if you don’t get this job then what happened . You won’t be happy for rest of your life because you can’t get this job. So basically we have to change our mindset . We have to understand that happiness is not in things. If you satisfy with what you have and thankful for god then you will be happy because untill and unless you are satisfied, you won’t be happy . So just be thankful and enjoy your life . Make your life with full of happiness and enjoy more

“Happiness does not found in things or people
Its just in you,
So just make yourself happy”