Fear of exams

If you see near yourself, you will find so many people who fear. Some fear from height , some from speed , and also some from exam . The one who fear from exam is mainly due to nervousness. We usually call the fear of exam is examphobia.

So , what is fear or exam or examphobia?

Fear of exam is just like other fear in which person is fear from exam and don’t want to give exams. They get nervous whenever they heard about exam. They get stressed and starts doing strange things . So basically fear of exam is that in which he is unable to give exam due to psychological reason.

Why do i fear or what are the reason of fear?

Why people fear from going into dark room . Just because they think that they fall and also get some injury. In the fear of exam , they think that they will fail in exam and they have to suffer the shame in failure. They also think that their parents get upset from them due to this failure. Only the reason is overthinking. The students also fear the exam because may be once they get failed . People usually fear the exam because they overthink a situation of failure upto that level that in real life it never have to happen.

How do i overcome from fear of exam?

Fear of exam is just a psychological thing. It is not hurting you in physical manner. So just do some basic things so that you can overcome from fear of exam.

1) Do not overthink too much. Overthinking is the problem of everything. If you see life in peaceful manner , you will find that there is nothing which is related to your assumption . You will find everything in a sorted manner
and you will also enjoy.

2) Don’t fully focus in future. Main problems in today’s time is we are totally focusing in future. We are not enjoying present . We don’t get focus in present .

3) Before the exam, you should not stress too much . Just believe in yourself and do hardwork . Everything will find its way. Just before exam play outdoor games , listen some good music too.

4) Before exam, you should drink good amount of water so that it hydrates you and also you should do some yoga and workouts so you will feel relaxed and calm.

“Fear is just like a disease which can’t let you grow and live happily”