In today’s time when we get frustrated , we all get depressed and just want to end our life . Suicide cases in India are increasing day by day in highly manner . Young generation are living in depression. Depressed just because of love breakup , by not getting good jobs and also overthinking of everything which destroy the life.

So basically what is depression?

Depression is one of the major hidden disease which kill a person mentally. In depression, a person looks normal in front of other people but whenever he sit alone, he starts overthinking , getting frustrated and also starts crying . Depression is that disease which doesn’t let you live peacefully and happy . He always want to sleep and live alone. He do not want live life and for him life is worthless. In today’s time these disease capture huge number of today’s generation who are suffer from depression. Whenever they had breakup, they start depressing and also if anything bad happens with them , they get depressed. Today’s generation suffer depression and in front of other they seems like they are physically and mentally fit.

What is mental fitness?

Mental fitness is very much neccesary for living a good life. Today’s generation only go for physical fitness so they are suffering from depression too much. If you are not mentally fit, you will not enjoy your life. For living a good life as money is important, mental fitness is also needed.

Symptoms of depression?

If you are suffering from depression, you will definitely have these things

1) You always crying whenever you are alone . You will ignore the group of your friends and want to leave alone.

2) You are feeling worthless. You don’t enjoy your life and always want to end it.

3) You don’t enjoy your work and get irritated with daily routine.

4) Your sleep time get reduced. Always in the midnight you get wake-up and starts overthinking.

How to care from depression?

1) You should focus on routine. No matter what happened, you have to follow your routine. You should make yourself busy.

2) Make a life goal . If you have big goal in life, you will always busy in achieving this. So you don’t get time for sitting alone.

3) Maintain your physical and mental fitness. If you regularly do workout and yoga, your body and mind will be fit and you will be happy in life.

4) Maintain good relationship with everyone. If your relationship are good then you will never alone. You can talk with them anytime and also hangout with them.

5) Don’t keep burden on heart . Always tell your problems to your closed one so that you don’t have tension.