Allah is giving us huge number of blessings in the months of ramazan . Is that we ready to take?

First you should ask why allah has given you an opportunity to take blessing from this month. Then you should ask what will you do in this whole month and lastly ask yourself how you change yourself because ramazan is a month of blessings. If we not change ourselves according to allah in this month then how he will be happy from ourselves. Why he give everything to you. So you do work according to him.

1. You should pray as much as you can .

2. Read quran and also try to understand.

3. You should avoid passing time by sleeping, playing games or anything else .

4. Do lots of astagfar, do tahhajud prayer and many things.

5. Obey your parents and keep special care of them

6. Do zakaat so that poor also celebrate eid .

7. Help your mother in making food (iftaar) so that no one get tired.

8. Also make sure that you take some food or water in sehri .