In life, there are many situation where we have to take decision correctly and with confidence like choosing a goal or choosing a life partner. In that case, there is no option for wrong decision because it will destroy your life. So whenever you take life making decision, you should check some basic things

1. First you should know yourself. Knowing your qualities or strengths. i.e whether you have quality for a certain job or certain business or not. You should check yourself because it is the one of the major things.

2. The second things you should know that the advantages and disadvantages of things which you want to choose. You should know each and everything whether this job is suitable for you or not. Whether in this job your life secured or not . So you have to gain complete knowledge about it.

3. Always take decision in the combination of heart and mind because it will help you to grow. You never get tired of your work. And whenever they are opposite, your decision is never successful.

So always check this thing before taking decision.