Mental illness : destruction of youth

Mental illness is that problem from which many people fear to express. They thought that people will distance from them. But this is not true. Just as physical illness doesn’t bother anyone, like that mentally or emotionally weak should not be an issue. Just as your physical health is important, your mental and emotional health is also important. Your mental health affect how you think, feel and behave. If you are unhealthy you can’t handle your stress , fear and anxiety.

There are mainly few types of mental health problems:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety disorders
  3. Eating disorders
  4. Addictive behaviour

There are many people who suffer from mental illness but for a short time . Just like the one who had breakup get mentally weak and depressed but for a short time. Just like a student get failed in exam also get depressed . They all are suffer from mental illness but for a short time. They recover from some outside motivation or inside motivation, a short trip or something else. There is second type in which people suffer for a long time. In these you need to take medication also. Mental illness can cause problem in daily life and always let you live alone.

There are few symptoms which help you in judging yourself whether you are mentally fit or not.

  1. You always feel sad or alone
  2. Your mind full of suicidal thinking
  3. Anger and violence is common
  4. You become addict of alcohol and drugs
  5. Always tired and feel like sleepy
  6. Mood changing in short time
  7. Unable to do daily work properly
  8. Stress and anxiety is very common

As you need medication if you are suffering from serious mental illness but you can also get by doing such stuff as mentioned below:

  • Visit the doctor first
  • Get knowledge about mental illness
  • Join the group who encourage and support you
  • Speak your problem with large audience
  • Accept your problem of mental illness
  • Try to enjoy the nature
  • Change your thought process
  • Start traveling with someone
  • Take participation in outdoor sports as it will help in diverting mind