Do you hesitate to talk in front of other? Or do you think you are not capable of doing this work? Or do you always underestimate yourself? If these things happens with you, then you have a low self esteem or low self confidence.
Self confidence is how you take yourself. Self confidence is believing yourself that you are capable of it.

Low self-esteem or low self confidence is that problem which can’t let you do work properly. It’s always been said that you are not capable. You are weak. It always hinder you from new opportunities and challenges. You always think that you are not capable and unworthy. You also stop loving yourself. Low self esteem will affect your life from so many perspective like: emotions, relationship and many more. These create negative image of ourselves in our mind. You start hesitating in facing new people, starting new work and many more. But there are few steps which will help you in fighting with low self-esteem.

1) Spend time with right people

It’s a most important thing where you spend your time and with whom you spend. If you spend it with negative people, you also become negative. You will start losing our confidence . So it’s very important to spend time with people who are positive towards life.

2) Accept your flaws

We all have some flaws but we don’t accept it. The day we start accepting it, we can do alot of improvement in our life. If we acknowledge ourselves then we that which area is our strength and which are flaws and then we can convert our flaws into strengths.

3) Don’t be hard on yourself

One of the tips to overcome from low self confidence is to treat yourself with love and kindness. If you are hard on yourself , you can never be a loveable person.

4) stop comparison

Comparing yourself with other will destroy you . You will destroy your peace of mind. Everyone is unique and has different capability of doing work . If you didn’t stop comparing yourself with other, then surely you will not overcome from low self-esteem.

5) Spend time to relax

Low self-esteem only comes due to continuous stress in life. Continuous stress and problem will lose your self confidence and you’ll start doubting yourself. So just take some time to relax and enjoy the journey.

6) Appreciate yourself

We human are very complex. If we do not get appreciated for our work, we start losing interest and then we also lose self confidence. So we need appreciation from others for our good work. Regular appreciation will boost up your self-esteem.

7) Try to do some social work

Start giving some money or food to needy, volunteering anywhere or helping the one who need will make you feel good. It will give you happiness. In fact studies also revealed that helping others always gives you happiness which helps in boosting your self confidence.

Self confidence is first step in the journey of success