Everyone have personality and they also want to develop their personality.We all have certain type of unique quality that make us different from the rest . A mixture of good and bad things which show how we have to respond with other. These qualities can be fixed or can be change,if you want to change them. But many of us always try to improve their personality so that we called it personality development.

Personality has broad term which is related to mental and physical fitness. Many of us think that personality development means only outer look matter but its not true. Personality development not only improve your outer appearance but it will change your behaviour too . How you talk , how to react all comes under the personality development. Personality you have is responsible for your success. if you have good persona, then surely it help you in job , business, and also in daily life. No matter what you do , where you go your personality plays a very important role.

Now the question arises what help in personality development ? What can we do to improve our personality ? So the first thing , in personality development we have to change our habit which affect our personality . So lets find traits which help you to make your personality good.

Your dressing sense: Your dressing sense is the first thing which affect your personality . if you wear good dress, proper shoes with well maintenance then you will feel confident in it. Dress play a important part in personality development.

Maintenance of face and hair : If you didn’t maintained your face and hair , then surely your personality will not improve. Timely hair cut, proper face maintained will help in personality development.

Your physical fitness: If you are physically fit, then you also need mentally fit . Physical fitness will give you energy and boost up your confidence and it also gives you happiness. If you are physically fit, then you can attract the other person. Physical fitness play a direct role in personality development.

Everyone is different : Everyone is different and has a different capacity of work. We all have some good quality which no one has but also some bad traits. The only thing we have to do is make our positive quality best and also improve where we lack.

Social skill : Good looking of a person is only beneficial when he improve his social skill. How he meet with other one? , how he talk? and also how his body language is? All comes under social skill . If someone is good in social skill, then surely he have confidence on himself.

Be like proton : Just as proton never lose its positivity, you should also never become negative person no matter what happened in your life. Whenever someone meets you the he also become positive . Stress is part of our life so its very important to be a positive person.

Be a good listener: The one who listen properly then he understands the feeling of other person easily. The one who cultivate the skill of good listener, then he will be attractive person for other because he gives value to their words and make them feel important.

Be happy and approachable : The one who truly happy from within then he will be the source of happiness for others too. People like those who are happy and always ready to talk with humour. No one like to talk with the one who are rude and stressful person. So try to be a happy and humorous person.

Always support other: We should be a supporting person. We all need support of other for living life without stress. We should support them with good talk , support them by doing work and many more. We all love when someone support ,care and encourage in our life.

Have self confidence: Confidence in life not only gives you positive energy but also it helps in achieving goal . Self confidence is major quality of personality development. Without confidence you always hesitate in meeting new people, speaking in public place . So self confidence is major thing.

Your looks catch attraction but personality left impression