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Mental illness

Mental illness : destruction of youth

Mental illness is that problem from which many people fear to express. They thought that people will distance from them. But this is not true. Just as physical illness doesn’t bother anyone, like that mentally or emotionally weak should not be an issue. Just as your physical health is important, your mental and emotional health is also important. Your mental health affect how you think, feel and behave. If you are unhealthy you can’t handle your stress , fear and anxiety.

There are mainly few types of mental health problems:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety disorders
  3. Eating disorders
  4. Addictive behaviour

There are many people who suffer from mental illness but for a short time . Just like the one who had breakup get mentally weak and depressed but for a short time. Just like a student get failed in exam also get depressed . They all are suffer from mental illness but for a short time. They recover from some outside motivation or inside motivation, a short trip or something else. There is second type in which people suffer for a long time. In these you need to take medication also. Mental illness can cause problem in daily life and always let you live alone.

There are few symptoms which help you in judging yourself whether you are mentally fit or not.

  1. You always feel sad or alone
  2. Your mind full of suicidal thinking
  3. Anger and violence is common
  4. You become addict of alcohol and drugs
  5. Always tired and feel like sleepy
  6. Mood changing in short time
  7. Unable to do daily work properly
  8. Stress and anxiety is very common

As you need medication if you are suffering from serious mental illness but you can also get by doing such stuff as mentioned below:

  • Visit the doctor first
  • Get knowledge about mental illness
  • Join the group who encourage and support you
  • Speak your problem with large audience
  • Accept your problem of mental illness
  • Try to enjoy the nature
  • Change your thought process
  • Start traveling with someone
  • Take participation in outdoor sports as it will help in diverting mind
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Overcome from public speaking

Whenever someone say about public speaking we get tensed , sweating and it also cause fear . It usually occur because we fear to speak in front of public . We think that how they will react , is that we perform good or not. This is known as glossophobia – the fear of public speaking.

Glossophobia is common among the fear. In these people don’t want to talk in front of people. You can overcome from this type of fear by regular practice and also by doing some basic things.

  1. Be fully prepared : Fear is mainly because of lack of preparation . If you prepare your speech properly then surely your performance will be good. Always check your speech , videos and presentation . So you didn’t get disturbed because of it.

2) Understand your speech : If you only try to memorize the speech then you can forget any line, lose your rhythm and then it will completely destroy all your hard work. So , always try to understand your topic first and then memorize it .

3) Avoid too much ppt : If you are using to much power point in your performance, then it might chance that audience will not take interest n your speech and easily get bored . Use only few power point as per required .

4 ) Speak frankly : Fear or anxiety in public speaking occur due to reaction of public . if you frankly talk with your audience , you didn’t feel uncomfortable . Your audience will also with you when you talk frankly.

5) Don’t be stressed : Before going to stage, you need to relax . You don’t have to overthink about your performance. Just be calm , happy and enjoy the performance. If you focus only positive things, the result will definitely positive.

6) Do Practice: Before going for the performance, you should do practice of all your speech, your body language and all your video or presentation. If any of the above thing goes wrong , you start getting distracted and your performance will be gone wrong.

7). Arrange everything: Before starting , you should arrange everything systematically. How to start , how to present videos and how will you end. You should also have some backup content , if something goes wrong.

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How to make a good personality

Everyone have personality and they also want to develop their personality.We all have certain type of unique quality that make us different from the rest . A mixture of good and bad things which show how we have to respond with other. These qualities can be fixed or can be change,if you want to change them. But many of us always try to improve their personality so that we called it personality development.

Personality has broad term which is related to mental and physical fitness. Many of us think that personality development means only outer look matter but its not true. Personality development not only improve your outer appearance but it will change your behaviour too . How you talk , how to react all comes under the personality development. Personality you have is responsible for your success. if you have good persona, then surely it help you in job , business, and also in daily life. No matter what you do , where you go your personality plays a very important role.

Now the question arises what help in personality development ? What can we do to improve our personality ? So the first thing , in personality development we have to change our habit which affect our personality . So lets find traits which help you to make your personality good.

Your dressing sense: Your dressing sense is the first thing which affect your personality . if you wear good dress, proper shoes with well maintenance then you will feel confident in it. Dress play a important part in personality development.

Maintenance of face and hair : If you didn’t maintained your face and hair , then surely your personality will not improve. Timely hair cut, proper face maintained will help in personality development.

Your physical fitness: If you are physically fit, then you also need mentally fit . Physical fitness will give you energy and boost up your confidence and it also gives you happiness. If you are physically fit, then you can attract the other person. Physical fitness play a direct role in personality development.

Everyone is different : Everyone is different and has a different capacity of work. We all have some good quality which no one has but also some bad traits. The only thing we have to do is make our positive quality best and also improve where we lack.

Social skill : Good looking of a person is only beneficial when he improve his social skill. How he meet with other one? , how he talk? and also how his body language is? All comes under social skill . If someone is good in social skill, then surely he have confidence on himself.

Be like proton : Just as proton never lose its positivity, you should also never become negative person no matter what happened in your life. Whenever someone meets you the he also become positive . Stress is part of our life so its very important to be a positive person.

Be a good listener: The one who listen properly then he understands the feeling of other person easily. The one who cultivate the skill of good listener, then he will be attractive person for other because he gives value to their words and make them feel important.

Be happy and approachable : The one who truly happy from within then he will be the source of happiness for others too. People like those who are happy and always ready to talk with humour. No one like to talk with the one who are rude and stressful person. So try to be a happy and humorous person.

Always support other: We should be a supporting person. We all need support of other for living life without stress. We should support them with good talk , support them by doing work and many more. We all love when someone support ,care and encourage in our life.

Have self confidence: Confidence in life not only gives you positive energy but also it helps in achieving goal . Self confidence is major quality of personality development. Without confidence you always hesitate in meeting new people, speaking in public place . So self confidence is major thing.

Your looks catch attraction but personality left impression

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How to overcome from low self confidence

Do you hesitate to talk in front of other? Or do you think you are not capable of doing this work? Or do you always underestimate yourself? If these things happens with you, then you have a low self esteem or low self confidence.
Self confidence is how you take yourself. Self confidence is believing yourself that you are capable of it.

Low self-esteem or low self confidence is that problem which can’t let you do work properly. It’s always been said that you are not capable. You are weak. It always hinder you from new opportunities and challenges. You always think that you are not capable and unworthy. You also stop loving yourself. Low self esteem will affect your life from so many perspective like: emotions, relationship and many more. These create negative image of ourselves in our mind. You start hesitating in facing new people, starting new work and many more. But there are few steps which will help you in fighting with low self-esteem.

1) Spend time with right people

It’s a most important thing where you spend your time and with whom you spend. If you spend it with negative people, you also become negative. You will start losing our confidence . So it’s very important to spend time with people who are positive towards life.

2) Accept your flaws

We all have some flaws but we don’t accept it. The day we start accepting it, we can do alot of improvement in our life. If we acknowledge ourselves then we that which area is our strength and which are flaws and then we can convert our flaws into strengths.

3) Don’t be hard on yourself

One of the tips to overcome from low self confidence is to treat yourself with love and kindness. If you are hard on yourself , you can never be a loveable person.

4) stop comparison

Comparing yourself with other will destroy you . You will destroy your peace of mind. Everyone is unique and has different capability of doing work . If you didn’t stop comparing yourself with other, then surely you will not overcome from low self-esteem.

5) Spend time to relax

Low self-esteem only comes due to continuous stress in life. Continuous stress and problem will lose your self confidence and you’ll start doubting yourself. So just take some time to relax and enjoy the journey.

6) Appreciate yourself

We human are very complex. If we do not get appreciated for our work, we start losing interest and then we also lose self confidence. So we need appreciation from others for our good work. Regular appreciation will boost up your self-esteem.

7) Try to do some social work

Start giving some money or food to needy, volunteering anywhere or helping the one who need will make you feel good. It will give you happiness. In fact studies also revealed that helping others always gives you happiness which helps in boosting your self confidence.

Self confidence is first step in the journey of success

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How to grow passion

We humans are creative but the only things are we have to find it. We have to explore ourselves to get hidden passion about anything from ourselves. Everyone is passionate for something but the problem is no one going to find it. They want to be passionate person but they didn’t want to do hard work in finding it. If we see our life from beginning we can find many things which give us happiness.

Passion for work means a work which gives you peace and happiness . In this work you never get irritated by doing these. Since childhood there are many sports like cricket and football in which we enjoy alot and also loves to play all the time . There are many who enjoy studying . It can be anything or in any field but only you have to find the which you like. There are few points which helps you to develop a passion for something.

1) Find interest in life or find your passion

Okay it can be understand that before you develop , finding your passion is important. What you like is neccesary. In life there is always one thing which you like most. Your hobbies will help you in finding your passion. There are few questions you have to ask from yourself . What you like most? What is your dream which is constant since childhood? These questions will help you to find your passion .

2) How to develop passion for something ?

If you find your passion once then you have to work on it. Spend some time on it and if required then also spend money to develop it. If your passion is sports then work on it and do practice. If your passion is writing then write article , journal and also try novel. Same in all field. Whatever you like to do , go through it and chase it.

3) Can passion be created?

Passion is always come from within us. But we expect it that world will bring it to us. If you are unable to find your passion then you must cultivate it by doing practice.

4) Leave your comfort area.

If you never leave your comfort area , you will never learn good skill. Your ability of doing things or your capacity of doing things only comes out when you move out of your comfort zone. It makes you challenging person . You also never know which work or person may help to get your passionate work.

5) Integrate passion in life || Make passion a career

Once you done with finding your passion , you must Integrate it with your life. You can integrate your passion by doing job and or business on such field. Converting your passion into career can make your life full of happiness. You will always enjoy your work . You can also do side work for your passion. If you do this then you will enhance your life and give enjoyment and peace.

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How to deal with failure

In life , we all get failed once in a lifetime whether in school or any other place in life. We all just get depressed and keep thinking about it all the time. Whenever you fail, everything fills with negativity. You feel negativity because your mind is not prepared for it. Whenever we fail in any work, people starts demotivating that’s why we get depressed. Instead of demotivating, if we try to find reason behind failure then surely we can easily overcome from it. Failure is not bad as people think about it. It’s just mere step in the journey of success. Failure is seven letter word but it has capability to destroy our life because we give to power to do this. We allow failure to destroy our peaceful mind.

The fear of failure comes in mind when you too much attach to success. When every time you dream of success. You get shocked due to failure because you never think about it. I am here not saying that you just always think about failure but we should always have a second plan.
In life whenever you go ahead with backup plan , you have a little chance of failure. In life ups and down will always come. You don’t have to take it seriously. Just learn from it.

You should follow some good step which help you to deal with failure.

1) Accept the result: As early as you accept the result, you will understand that it has no power to demotivate you. Everyone in life failed. Failure is not bad but we have to learn from it. The one who never fail, then they will never learn.

2) Find where you lack: checking your failure will acknowledge you about yourself. This will help you where you have to focus more and which area is strong area. So on next time you can go with full focus.

3) Take a break: whenever you fail, take a little break from regular routine and travel some good places. This will help you in recovering easily and fastly. You also learn enjoying life in failure.

4) Learn from failure: Find the point which you learn from failure. Just find opportunity to learn from it and grow from it. Shift your mindset from a loser to winner and see what you gain from this failure. In every bad thing , there must be a chance of positive thing.

5) Read some good motivational books: Reading good books helps you to find how big personality cope with failure in their life. They will give you an idea how to handle the situation . You will learn that no failure or bad time will disturb you for a long time.

6) Have a good conversation with close one: As you follow this step , you will find that you are relaxing . Your stress is getting decrease because you can talk anything. You will tell the reason behind failure and now what will you do and many thing. You can tell every feeling with then which are disturbing you so that it will heal you.

7) Follow the steps of senior from field: You can easily understand how you have face the situation by knowing the steps of your senior. You will know what they did and how they did. So it will definitely helps you to deal with failure.

Failure is not bad till you take the failure as a learning process


मुझे भुलाया जा रहा है

आज एक अजीब खेल मेरे साथ खेला जा रहा है
बड़े प्यार से मुझे हर कोई याद किए जा रहा है
पता नहीं ये मेरे साथ क्या हो रहा है
ऐसा लग रहा जैसे समंदर में मुझे फेका जा रहा है

आज मुझे हर कोई बुला रहा है
ना जाने क्यों यहां हर कोई मेरे लिए रोए जा रहा है
नहीं उठ सका नींद आज नज़ाने क्यों
जब मुझे हर कोई यहां उठाए जा रहा है

जो रहता था मुझसे खफा आज वो भी प्यार दिखा रहा है
ना जाने ये कौनसी जगह जहां मुझे ले जाया जा रहा है
कैसे करू बयान हाल ए दिल अपना
यहां तो हर कोई अपना ही दिखावे का दर्द दिखा रहा है

क्यों ये पल गुज़र नहीं रहा है
तन्हा मुझे छोड़ सब कहा जा रहा है
है बहुत अंधेरा इस जहान में
फिर ना जाने क्यों यहां मुझे अकेला छोड़ा जा रहा है

जो कमाए थे पैसे मैंने , वो साथ दिखाई नहीं दे रहा है
जिनके लिए गुज़र दी ज़िन्दगी वो भी छोड़ कर जा रहा है
ऐ खुदा मेरे साथ ये क्या हो रहा है
ना जाने आज मुझे तेरे पास होने का एहसास हो रहा है


How to be happy?

In today’s time, there are many people who are living life but without happiness in life. They just forget to live life happily. They are so busy in life that they don’t enjoy their life. They are just living their life like an animal . No playful moment nor a memorable moments.

Happiness is thing which make your worthy. Without happiness in life, life is boring. You can’t enjoy your life. You will feel life is worthless.

Why we need to be happy?

Happiness is just like a salt in food. Just like without salt , food is tasteless then also without happiness , life is tasteless and worthless. If you are not happy, then also you can’t enjoy your work. You always want to sleep and also starts doing useless things which affect your body. Happiness in life leads you to do hardwork and achieve your dream. Happiness in life is only when you are satisfied with yourself because happiness is not attached to things or person, it’s attached to yourself. If you doubt in yourself just because of your look or any other problems then in life you will never succeed. You can’t even enjoy your life. In life, judging ourselves is just like destroying ourselves so never judge yourself. Just believe that you are best and you have unique talents.

How to be happy in life?

1) Always focus on yourself: Just believe that you are unique and you can do anything. Believe in yourself is the first key to be happy and focussed in life.

2) Mentally and physically fit: Doing workout daily keep you mentally and physically fit. If you’re not fit, you can’t be a happy person. Doing exercises daily releases endorphins which gives you happiness . It also gives short break from your normal routine to focus on yourself.

3) avoid negative news: Don’t watch or see negative news so it can’t make you upset. Just avoid negativity from your life always attract to positivity.

4) Always meet new people or also explore new places so that life will not become boring. Exploring new places will gives you peace and you also feel happiness.

5) Trying new work will gives you new experiences which will change your life. You feel good whenever you starts doing new work.

6) Spend some money on creating good memories which you dream of doing. Try to make your life adventurous and do what you want . Just explore yourself too.

7) Always appreciate small wins so that you will feel motivated. So that you will take interest in doing work . It always gives you happiness.

8) Do follow your passion. Whatever your passion it is, just work on it. Following the passion will make your mind peaceful and your mood good. It also helps to do other work with complete focus.

9) Try to participate in social work . Giving charity and help people doing social work will gives you inner peace and you also feel happy.

Happiness is not attached to things or person, it’s just attached to you .


Father’s day

Father’s day is celebrated on 3rd sunday in the month of june . These day is celebrated to give reward for his love for his family, sacrifice and also support for his family.

There are 3 beautiful shayari on father’s day . Beautiful shayari, whatsapp shayari and also best shayari on father’s day . You can also use this as whatsapp story , send this to your father.

पिता से बातचीत ज़रूर थोड़ी होती है
मगर पिता के बिना ज़िन्दगी भी अधूरी होती है

जो ख्वाहिशें खुद की दबा दिया करते है
हर ज़रूरतें बच्चो की मुकम्मल वो करते है
नहीं बयान करते एक ज़र्रा भी तकलीफों की
वो हस्ते हस्ते ज़िन्दगी गुज़ार दिया करते है

पिता की कुर्बानियां कहा बयान होती है
पिता का साया हर किसी को कहा नसीब होती है
जिसके मार में भी एक अलग एहसास नजर आती है
उसके तकलीफे कहा किसी को समझ में आती है

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Depression: A hidden disease

In today’s time when we get frustrated , we all get depressed and just want to end our life . Suicide cases in India are increasing day by day in highly manner . Young generation are living in depression. Depressed just because of love breakup , by not getting good jobs and also overthinking of everything which destroy the life.

So basically what is depression?

Depression is one of the major hidden disease which kill a person mentally. In depression, a person looks normal in front of other people but whenever he sit alone, he starts overthinking , getting frustrated and also starts crying . Depression is that disease which doesn’t let you live peacefully and happy . He always want to sleep and live alone. He do not want live life and for him life is worthless. In today’s time these disease capture huge number of today’s generation who are suffer from depression. Whenever they had breakup, they start depressing and also if anything bad happens with them , they get depressed. Today’s generation suffer depression and in front of other they seems like they are physically and mentally fit.

What is mental fitness?

Mental fitness is very much neccesary for living a good life. Today’s generation only go for physical fitness so they are suffering from depression too much. If you are not mentally fit, you will not enjoy your life. For living a good life as money is important, mental fitness is also needed.

Symptoms of depression?

If you are suffering from depression, you will definitely have these things

1) You always crying whenever you are alone . You will ignore the group of your friends and want to leave alone.

2) You are feeling worthless. You don’t enjoy your life and always want to end it.

3) You don’t enjoy your work and get irritated with daily routine.

4) Your sleep time get reduced. Always in the midnight you get wake-up and starts overthinking.

How to care from depression?

1) You should focus on routine. No matter what happened, you have to follow your routine. You should make yourself busy.

2) Make a life goal . If you have big goal in life, you will always busy in achieving this. So you don’t get time for sitting alone.

3) Maintain your physical and mental fitness. If you regularly do workout and yoga, your body and mind will be fit and you will be happy in life.

4) Maintain good relationship with everyone. If your relationship are good then you will never alone. You can talk with them anytime and also hangout with them.

5) Don’t keep burden on heart . Always tell your problems to your closed one so that you don’t have tension.